Court Officers

24th Illustrious Commandress

Dt. Elizabeth Brown

1st Lieutenant Commandress

Dt. Margarita Green


PC Terry Turner

Oriental Guide

Dt. Anissa Smith


Dt. Sharon Anderson

Imperial Deputy for the Oasis

PC Patricia M James


HPIC Christie Hudson

1st Ceremonial Daughter


Inside Spy


2nd Lieutenant Commandress

Dt. Charlene Williams

High Priestess

Dt. Viva Jester

2nd Ceremonial Daughter

Dt. Mechelle Burden

Outside Spy


Imperial Officers


Imperial Deputy for the Desert - Dt Jettie N Lights, PC (1984 - 1997)

Imperial Deputy for the Desert - Dt Sharon Lawson-Mathis, PC (2016 -2017)

Imperial Deputy Marshal - Dt Christie Hudson, HPIC

Imperial Queen - Dt Catrina Drake (2016 - 2017)

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