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Al-Faruk Court No. 94

Constituent Court of the Imperial Court

Re-Chartered on the 30th day of Seb, Osiris 5505

which corresponds to the 24th day of November 1971


Al-Farooq (also spelled El-Farouk or Al-Farouk) is an Arabic given and family name derived from an honorific of Umar, an early Muslim leader, and by extension mean "The Chief" has arrived, it has become a common given or place name throughout the Muslim world.

Regular Meetings are every 4th Thursday @ 7:30pm

Divan Meetings are every 1st Thursday @ 6:00pm

* * * Temple Mailing Address * * *

Al-Faruk Court No. 94

815 Sixth Avenue, Columbus GA 31901-2825


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