What precisely is mentoring?

The term mentoring comes from Greek mythology, in which a character named Mentor was the trusted counselor of the hero Odysseus and his son Telemachus.  The Latin word “mens, mentis” means mind.  (Think about derivative words like “mentality” or “mental.”)  So a mentor is a trusted friend, someone who is available consistently and someone who uses his mind to give good advice to another person.  This is different from being a teacher, a parent or a social worker.  Many of us have had mentors in the work place or mentors who supported us through the growing-up process.  You might find it helpful to remember an adult who had a strong positive influence on you as you were growing up.

We call the students who are being mentored “mentees.”  Although this word cannot be found in the dictionary, it is in common use today.


Why is mentoring important?

Many young people growing up in America are “at risk”.  They have negative feelings about themselves, perform poorly in school and often engage in dangerous behaviors.  Many of them live in families where parents are coping with their own problems or are not available to provide guidance and support.  Many do not live with parents at all.  Mentoring programs offer these youth the potential to overcome hurdles, cope with problems and learn the basic skills they will need to become healthy and productive adults.

Although the concept of mentoring has been around since the time of the Greeks, the growing need of the disadvantaged in this country prompted new interest in mentoring in the late 1980’s.

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