Deputy Imperial Court Marshal

HPIC Dt Christie Hudson

Deputy Imperial Court Direstress of Equestrian

PC Dt Doris Davis-Begley

Imperial Deputy for the Desert (Georgia)
PC Dt Sharon Lawson-Mathis

2nd LT Commandress

Dt Elizabeth Brown


23rd Illustrious Commandress

Dt Tyiesha WR McKelvin


Dt Catrina Drake

2016 Imperial Queen

Imperial Court, Auxiliary to the A.E.A.O.N.M.S.

Dt Catrina Drake

2016 Desert Queen (Georgia)

High Priestess

Dt Margarite Green

Oriental Guide

Dt Annette Belk

Advisor to the Daughters

PP James Kees #30


1st Ceremonial Daughter

Dt Catrina M. Drake

2nd Ceremonial Daughter

Dt Viva Jester

(L - R) 38th Imperial Commandress-Dt Teena Scott Delgado #94, 22nd Illustrious Commandress-Dt Terry Turner #94, 45th Imperial Commandress-Dt Alicia J. Chisolm #43, 2016 Imperial Queen-Dt Catrina Drake #94, Imperial Deputy for the Desert (GA)-Dt Sharon Lawson-Mathis #94, Imperial Court Treasurer-HPC Dt Brenda James #123 and Imperial Deputy for the Oasis (Columbus)-Dt Patricia L Morse-James #94

Outside Spy

PC Dt Eleanor Burney

Inside Spy

PC Dt Annie Grisson

Asisstant Recordress

PC Dt Abby Davis


PC Dt Christie A. Hudson


1st LT Commandress

Dt Edna Dukes


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Al-Faruk Court No. 94

Chartered the 4th day of the month SHABAAN, Hegira 1391

which corresponds to September 24, 1971

Oasis of Columbus, Desert of Georgia

Imperial Deputy for the Court

PC Dt Patricia James



PC Dt Sharon Lawson-Mathis


PC Dt Terry L. Turner